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First… The meaning,

Invincible= Possessing relentless confidence, being impervious to fears and the judgment of others.

Mindset= The single biggest contributing factor to one’s success. 

Invincible + Mindset= IM or ( I am) represents the most powerful words in our vocabulary. The words we use after I am, determine how we identify ourselves and our place in the world as well as our potential.

No matter, who we are, what environment we live in, how old we are, or from what walks of life we come from, there’s something we all have in common: If we’re honest about it, we have all felt moments of inadequacy, anxiety, and fear, like we were less than others. Not smart enough, Not good enough. Not…enough.

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What is a PSYCH-K® Balance?

First, what is PSYCH-K®?

“PSYCH-K® is a set of principles and processes designed to change sub-conscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience.” Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®

1. Relationship Balance (only available in-person)

This process is designed to deepen the understanding between two individuals (parent/child, friendship/partnership or any other relationship) by identifying and transforming the issues that challenge each other and gain better access to receiving the growth opportunities and gifts within the relationship. This can also assist transitioning into new relationships to ensure there are two functional people ready for new connections and experiences rather than two walking wounded destined to repeat the patterns of their past.

2. Core Belief Balance

This process is an efficient way to discover and change 'core beliefs' that may be blocking you from achieving your desired goals in life. These beliefs represent such basic, vital issues as self-love, forgiveness, connection to Divine Intelligence and more.

3. Optimal Health Balance

This balance is an efficient way to discover and change subconscious beliefs that may be blocking you from achieving optimal health in the body, mind and spirit. It includes twenty-two pairs of beliefs statements that represent qualities and attributes research shows may be associated with optimal health, including immune system functioning.

4. Life Bonding Balance

The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human existence. This balance is designed to transform any limiting impact of these influences in our life. During this Balance, traumas experienced prior to our ability to communicate verbally can easily be transformed without language or words to express them. In one such step, we have an opportunity to transform and release any and all distressful thought or feelings related to our conception, gestation and birth experience. "Imagine" what those three phases of life may have been like for us, for our mother. Perceiving life through her filters, emotions and surroundings during that time. This is the phase we begin installing our "operating system" in preparation for the environment we will be arriving in soon. Watch this 4-minute video as a reminder of what we go through just arriving on the scene! ( In addition, the fear of getting old is expressed in our society’s obsession with youth. If we are afraid of dying, we cannot fully live; as Dr. Bruce Lipton's research has explained, we cannot be simultaneously in love/growth vs. fear/protection.

5. Alternative Life Balance

The mind uses the same brain mechanisms in experiencing physical life and in imagination. The mind is capable of responding physically and emotionally to dreams, visualizations and imagination as well as external perception. This means the body's chemistry can be affected by the mind. The goal of this balance is to imagine a 'life' free of physical or emotional conditions, in such a way that the subconscious mind will signal the body to produce a chemical environment that reflects optimal health and wellbeing. It is designed to transform beliefs and perceptions that lead to limitation into those conducive to optimal health and wellbeing.

6. Rapport Balance (only available in-person)

This process transforms our ability to communicate by releasing learned stress unique to each individual associated with speaking to, listening to and understanding others, both verbally and non-verbally. Anyone who values the ability to communicate and create rapport will benefit with this balance.

RTT™ is it different?

Why choose an RTT Therapist?

An RTT Therapist will help you:

Discover the root, the cause and the reason for your issue.

Uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Change the meaning attached to events from your past so you can be liberated and free.

Reclaim your voice, your power, and your self-worth.

Reconnect you to the extraordinary confidence you were born with.

Rewire your mind for success and live the life you are meant to live.

Experience rapid, permanent, all-pervasive change.

What sets RTT apart from other therapies?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a pioneering therapy based on neuroscience, that offers fast, effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.

RTT delivers extraordinary, permanent change from physical, emotional and psychological pain by reframing our core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions that are deep in the subconscious.

By rapidly rewiring the neural pathways of the brain, RTT replaces our out-dated belief systems and negative patterns of behavior. New life-affirming beliefs are formed and the healing process begins.

RTT offers unparalleled results. It works rapidly and removes the need for continuous therapy sessions. A single session can achieve powerful results for a range of issues and it can be applied to both children and adults. More complicated issues and conditions may require up to three RTT sessions.

MER® Therapy...what is it?

Take A Moment To Think – What’s Holding You Back From living The Life *You* Want?

Do you find yourself wishing things would change and that life could be different?…You know, the one you daydream about. But no matter how many times you say “tomorrow I’m going to change”________ only to find tomorrow never comes? No matter how many promises have been made, finding the task of actually following through for yourself, seemingly impossible?

No matter if you are experiencing overwhelming feelings of depression & anxiety or simply feeling stuck. Maybe you are experiencing a performance plateau in life. Either way, you must decide that you are fed up with meaningless stuff from the past that does not serve your greater purpose presently. Let go of the baggage weighing you down and keeping you from taking action. This inability to move beyond the baggage is robbing you of a happy and carefree present, and preventing you from fulfilling your potential.

If this sounds a bit too familiar, don’t worry; you’re neither alone in this, nor hopeless – and you’re certainly on the right page!

Mental Emotional Release® Therapy – Release your unresolved Negative Emotions

Clean the slate and get a fresh start! Easily release years or decades of emotional baggage in mere hours!

Limiting Beliefs, Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Shame, forgiveness, Phobias, Traumas, Negative Thoughts/self-talk, and feelings of depression & anxiety.

The road to happiness and self-empowerment begins with shedding away all unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and old patterns currently keeping you in the past and fearing the future. Losing out on the time that is of the most importance…THE PRESENT!

With MER® Therapy you will finally be able to take the first steps in rebuilding or reinventing your self and your life the way *you* want it, unencumbered and free from all past & negative emotional baggage. Your Past Does Not Have To Equal Your Future!

An Effective, Tried, And True Method – Exactly What You Need!

Mental Emotional Release® Therapy is not a theoretical concept; It’s a therapy procedure developed by Dr. Matt James that has been clinically researched, and was proven to be effective I the treatment of depression, with 100% of the test group achieving a full reduction in depression, and zero cases of relapse – over no less than 6 years!

After being applied to hundreds of cases ranging from common anxiety and anger issues, to more serious cases like veterans’ PTSD, MER® Therapy has been proven to be extremely efficient, often getting substantial positive results even within the first session.

MER® Therapies effectiveness in releasing negative emotions and producing measurable behavioral changes is indeed undeniable – even with chronic issues and cases of patients that had previously been unsuccessfully treated with other methods.

No Need For Lengthy & Emotionally Painful Therapy – MER® Is Fast, Gentle, And Empowering!

For most people, therapy can be a slow, grueling and painful experience.

Most conventional methods of treatment span over a period of months – if not years – and require you to relive and re-experience the traumatic experiences that created their negative emotional background in the first place.

MER® Therapy on the other hand, does neither.

During your sessions, you will be able to keep painful and traumatic memories at a safe distance, and cultivate and empowered perspective without having to meet them head on and re-traumatize yourself.

What’s more, MER® Therapy is designed to work fast!

How Fast?

Well, in the majority of cases, problems and symptoms caused by intense trauma or built up issues through rehearsal over a course decades Vanish within just One or Two sessions.

A Once-And For-All Solution To All That Has Been Keeping You Stuck

Moreover, one of the strongest points of Mental Emotional Release® Therapy is the fact that it’s effects are permanent. Unlike other treatment methods, it does not work by repressing trauma or building defenses against past negative or traumatic experiences.

Sounds to good to be true?

Thousands Of People Have Experienced The Transformational Power Of MER® Therapy And Now…You Can Too!

Rewrite Your History…Embrace Your Present…Create Your Future!


Invincible-Kids! Raise Empowered, Resiliant & Confident Children

Set Your Child On the Fast Track To Emotional Intelligence & Personal Success – Starting Today!

You are a loving and responsible parent who wants the World and nothing but the best for your child(ren), Right?

You would hate to realize that your child’s development and happiness has been hampered by one seemingly small or multiple emotional events, wouldn’t you?

Children Can Make Huge Generalizations Of what Things Mean Anytime They Experience:

• Insecurities
• Embarrassment/Mistakes
• Rejection, Disappointment, Neglect
• Trauma (minor/major)
• Tough Love, scolding, Ridicule, Judgement
• Learning &Comprehension Difficulties
• Hurt, Sadness, Anger, Guilt, Fears & Anxieties

Through these emotional events, they form their identity. They decide Their Self-Worth, What Their Capabilities Are and How Lovable They Are. Without even realizing it, these beliefs can be locked in at a very young age and can last a lifetime, if left to run on autopilot.

Do you agree with the well-established fact psychologists have known for years – that Emotional Strength and Emotional Intelligence is the key to life Balance and Success?

If this is the case, then you’re certainly on the right page. Using this Simple, Non-Invasive, and 100% Safe Method, you can help your child Soar and Excel in Life!

Forget About All Those Antiquated & Ineffective Parenting Methods of the Past – This is 2018!

No matter how good your intentions are as a parent, you will make mistakes – that’s a FACT.

Unfortunately, there’s no mandatory good parenting school people have to attend before they become parents, so most of us are stuck with the old, tried, yet not-so-true parenting our own parents – and their own parents before them – used.

You remember those times when you were busy, tired, impatient, had a momentary lapse of judgment and lashed out or thought tough love was the answer? All this ever creates is a sense of trauma in the brain and will create an Unconscious belief and feeling of not being good enough. When this happens their ambitions and decisions change. Their focus goes from one of being curious, courageous, adventurous, experience & growth and doing anything to make you proud, to focusing on how not to disappoint you.

Don’t worry, it is not too late. You can easily undo any damage done and set your child up for lifelong success.

Childhood & Emotional Health – The Key To A Happy Future Adult Life!

Troublesome and disruptive behavior in children is almost always an indicator of insecurity or a cry for the affection and attention they need to feel Secure, Loved and Emotionally Healthy. Unfortunately, children do not know how to communicate this – and most parents are not knowledgeable enough in child psychology to see the emotional needs of their children are somehow not met.

With this powerful method, however, you’ll be able to build up your child’s confidence and self-esteem at the core. Allowing them to grow up courageous and curious about life, free of the Fears that hold most others from reaching their potential. What’s more, they will be almost impervious to Bullying, Drugs, Bad Habits, and Influences.

And, if you’re thinking that all of these Amazing Changes include long and arduous months or years of therapy, well, think again. All you need to get your child on the expressway to emotional happiness and health is a single one-on-one session with me (also taught in workshops) plus a few minutes nightly for the next 90 days, that’s it!

A simple & Subtle Solution To A Wide Variety Of Issues

What many children lack – and all children would benefit from – is support, to develop a Positive and Confident Sense of Self. With this method, you can help your children build up their self Esteem, help them Feel Secure and Loved, and assist them with issues like:

• Challenging Behaviors
• Shyness
• Aggression
• Poor Self Esteem/Confidence
• Cognitive Development Difficulties
• Bedwetting
• Anxieties/Fears
• Focus/Attention & More

And the best part? This powerful method is subtle, effective and non-intrusive, and only takes 3 to 5 minutes.

A Substance & Therapy-free Approach That Benefits Children & Educates Parents

When faced with difficulties supporting their children’s needs, most parents fall into despair, take things personally, and subconsciously provide both their children and themselves with a constant stream of negative feedback, often inadvertently making their children feel unworthy, wounded, rejected, or unloved.

That creates a vicious cycle of uncertainty, insecurity, and self-depreciation – one that continues to follow your child into adulthood, limiting their potential for success and happiness.

Right now, however, you have this amazing opportunity to throw all that out the window, clean the slate, and help your children grow up to be all they can be – a chance and privilege that your own parents, sadly, never had when they were raising you.

I Will Teach You, What To Say, When To Say It & How To Say It

You will easily master the program and how to harness the power of positive feedback. With this safe, simple, substance-free educational method, you’ll be taught the best ways to support the emotional needs of your child(ren), recognize their problematic behavior’s underlying issues, and provide them with everything they need to achieve emotional strength & stability and develop into emotionally healthy, happy, and successful adults!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Open Up Your Child’s World Of Possibilities. Your Child Deserves The Best – And This Is Your Chance To Help Them!

Request Information On my Next Group Workshop Or Contact Me to schedule A One On One Appointment Today!

Mental Performance & Success Coaching

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem

If you fear the future or focus on the past you are unable to embrace the present and create change.

Are you in control of your emotions or are they controlling you? This is something to consider if you struggle with any of the following:

•Out of proportion or prolonged (Anger, Fear, Sadness, Guilt, Shame).
• Foregiveness
• Letting go of mistakes
• Insecurities & Negative self-talk
• Blame
• Procrastination
• Direction & Execution of goals
• Commitment to self & others
• Low self-esteem
• Traumas or Phobias
• Bad Habits & Addictive behaviors
• Feelings of Anxiety, Depression & Hopelessness
• Health & Fitness
• Relationships with Friends, Family, Lovers or Money

Consider the following question: “What makes a person intelligent?”. The most common responses will often note a person’s background, outside stimuli, school, college degree and other typical characteristics of intelligence that unite under the concept of “traditional intelligence” that everyone knows about. On the other hand, most people haven’t heard about emotional intelligence, not to mention its importance in life.

The superior effect of emotional intelligence in a successful life has been scientifically proven. Emotional intelligence has a huge influence in the management of emotions and is responsible for how we picture the world. Some people are naturally gifted with an increased emotional intelligence, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely unreachable for the rest. It is something that you can also learn, cultivate and with the right tools they can be applied to all areas of life.

YOU HAVE the ability to redirect your mental energy, focus and achieve success in every aspect of life. You can choose to back down and complain about your tough luck, OR you can learn how to develop your Invincible Mindset and be a fighter in spirit.

YOU WANT more success in relationships. You want that starting position. You want that promotion at work. You just don’t know how. Or even worse, you don’t believe it to be possible. These are the crossroads where some choose the Victim,while others choose the Warrior. It is always your choice. What exactly is holding you back? What prevents you from pulling the trigger right at this moment? Is it that you are unable to do those things, or is it simply your limiting beliefs and interference that you are running for yourself?

If overcoming those adversities or setbacks and standing back on your feet feels like an endless fall to you, you need to consider the following. It’s time to combine emotional intelligence and “MENTAL TOUGHNESS”, the other critical ingredient for a successful life-recipe. I will show you the exact recipe for:

•Crushing insecurities and eliminate limiting beliefs
• Eliminating debilitating interference (Fears, doubts, phobias, trauma)
• Performing in the “ZONE”
• Becoming fearless and focused
• Consistency for success
• Gaining complete control of your emotions
• To carry out any task regardless the pressure so you can take control of your own fate.

Determine your fate, it is up to you.

According to ancient philosophers, it is really important to “know thy self”. Through their teaching’s they tried to urge people to better know and understand their own personalities. In other words, to become aware of their abilities and the infinite possibilities. This way a person can recognize his strong points, but most importantly he/she can detect any imperfections or shortcomings to redirect efforts to achieve his/her goals and dreams.

Your current efforts have led you where you are at the moment. You know this. Now it’s time you redirected those efforts, step up and better who you are, to become the person who you actually want to be. It’s all about adopting the right mindset, you see. You have the key to the vault where all of your success and happiness resources are. I just want to help you find this key, and to help you develop your fearless and Invincible Mindset, that will only steer you toward your goals and success!

Are you up to re-discovering you?

Have faith, step up! Through this training, you will develop your “MENTAL EDGE”! and reach the highest levels of self-improvement. These tools will be with you for a lifetime and you will learn how to use them effectively in an ever-changing world.

Re-write your history, embrace the present and create the future you desire!

You Are Ready! You only need to decide… When is NOW! the time?



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