There once was a guy, let’s call him Carl, who kept saying no to every single opportunity in life. Going to a party, helping a friend in need, learning a new language, meeting new people, getting up on the dance floor…it didn’t matter. He kept saying no to everything. Afraid to actually live his life, he just got by for years, doing nothing meaningful or remotely challenging, strolling through life without any real purpose.

Without even the slightest hint of surprise, he could not progress in any aspect of his life, STUCK in an endless loop of saying no to everything and hating himself.

By now, maybe you have realized that you have been reading the actual script from the popular Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man” or maybe you have not. Either way, you’re now beginning to identify yourself with the character and for good reason…in some ways you’re the same? There’s a voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough for this and you don’t have the potential for that. Or maybe you sit on the sidelines talking a BIG GAME and when an opportunity comes you fail to step up. Precisely as Carl’s life changed when he started saying yes to everything, your life can change as well.

There’s a difference between surviving and LIVING your life. What if you could look at life and feel alive, free and AWESOME! with everything you did? What is it exactly that’s stopping you? It’s the same thing that stopped Carl for years and it’s your own MIND. It’s all that noise, excuses, stresses, and feelings that come up when you think about putting yourself out there, being vulnerable outside your so called “comfort zone”.

To be fair, however, having these self-doubts and hearing that voice in your head is only natural. Every single living thing out there is designed to fear harm and pain. Humans, being as intelligent as we are, have developed that attribute often times a bit too much, or rather we have been misinterpreting that attribute for a long time. The real harm is living life fearing our own feelings and putting way too much meaning in them.

What are “they” going to say? What is “he” or “she” going to think? What if I fail? It’s all those “ifs” and “buts” that are stopping you from freeing yourself and LIVING LIFE to its full potential. Do you feel you are programmed this way? Perhaps you are. We are walking supercomputers, yet we do not understand our own operating system or how to update old programming. Single-use products come with a manual and yet our most valuable asset does not. What if you could learn the commands to your operating system?

You are not broken. The solution lies within you, you just need to realize that and then decide to do something about it. You are only one small decision away from changing history, “ROCKING” your present and creating an AMAZING FUTURE. Your current efforts have trapped you in where you are currently. Don’t you think it’s about time you redirected those efforts into becoming the person you desire to be?

I’m not asking you to do something extra. I’m just challenging you to spend the same amount of time and effort as you currently do dwelling in misery and regret and funnel it towards SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!

It was only when Carl started saying yes that he finally introduced himself to a whole new world of opportunities and he was finally happy and grateful to be alive. Not only that, he also managed to make meaningful connections, love and be loved and develop the elusive confidence he so desired…just by shattering the challenges that only existed in his mind.

You have wasted so much time daydreaming and fantasizing about someday or next time…you want to “TAKE LIFE BY THE HORNS”, you want to be the “LIFE OF THE PARTY” but you never take a chance. Why? I’ll tell you why. Bad programming…interference… Once they’re gone and you have the right tools, you will have the power to fulfill the things you once believed to be fantasies… You will own the dance floor!

So, forget about who you think you are and step up to become who you dream to be. The time is now… all you have to do is show up!