Are you a patient of past traumatic encounters?

Do you suffer from bottled up negative emotions, anger, sadness, hurt and fear?

MER® is a very effective process that helps patients completely get rid of negative emotions and various internal conflicts easily


MER stands for Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy, a fast and effective process developed by Dr. Matt James to help with the release of negative emotions, anger, sadness, hurt and fear in individuals who have been victims of traumatic experiences. The process involves patient visualizing their lives in the form of a timeline. It employs an out of body kind of experience where patients are asked to mentally translate out of body and observe this timeline in a bid to identify the root causes of negative emotions, internal conflicts and wrong decisions they experience. I believe it’s important to do as much “clean up” as possible prior to getting started so that you can move forward toward your vision unencumbered.



In a recently conducted research on the efficacy of MER® by Patrick Ross Scott, of the Guidance & Wellness Centers of Nevada, the results showed that remission of depressive symptomatology occurred, on average in five sessions with patients. It was discovered that participants receiving MER® had a 37% shorter period to remission of depressive symptoms than those who did not.

The study evaluated 922 participants by chart review that were diagnosed with major depressive disorder or an adjustment disorder with a depressive component. The results showed a significant improvement in the health of the patients after being exposed to MER®

Finally, MER® has been proven to be effective in the release of negative emotions and limiting decisions in various case studies ranging from PTSD to common issues such as minor anxiety, It has been proven to be extremely efficient with patients experiencing positive results within the first session even with problems that were long-lasting, or with patients who had not responded to other treatments.


Compared to other therapies requiring constant medication and monitoring to prevent relapse, MER® have shown to be a more long-lasting solution requiring none or few sessions after treatment. Majority of patients who have undergone MER® therapy have been recorded not to return for more treatment. In slim cases, it’s possible for patient to develop new problems however, when the technique has been done properly and the client experiences a complete release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, the original issue will not return.

MER® therapy helps, patients develop a baseline of mental and emotional health that allows them to deal properly with any other problem that may occur.


Patients have been recorded to experience significant improvement in their mental and emotional health withCafter very few sessions when compared to other types of therapy. Rather than spending months or years in therapy, after a few sessions of 5 to 8 hours, most problems and symptoms — even those caused by severe trauma or those that have been ingrained for decades — will literally disappear. It’s so fast that most patients have difficulty believing. Most begin to feel symptom-free right from the first session and in les that 5 sessions, most people are cured of their emotional negativity. However, a lot of patients have been recorded to say that they find it hard to believe such a dramatic change has occurred to them.

Most people have been mentally conditioned to believe that changes in patients who have gone through one traumatic experience take a long time. Fortunately with MER®, change is quick effective and long lasting


The major benefit patients undergoing MER® have over other therapies is that; patients are able to remain “disassociated” from disturbing events of the past. MER® techniques keep clients at a safe distance, helping them adopt a perspective that feels empowered and safe. This is especially important for clients with PTSD, phobias or those suffering from chronic depression or anxiety that is tied to abuse or trauma of some sort.

For fast and long-lasting relieve from anger, sadness and fear and emotional negativity, try MER® today!!!