Whether big or small, prolonged or temporary… we all experience suffering to some extent in our life. And while some of us struggle with depression, anxiety, or fear every day, others experience disorders, addictions, or emotional problems like frequent bouts of jealousy or loneliness. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t experienced some type of suffering at some point in their life!

Q: So, why exactly is suffering so detrimental to us? If virtually everyone experiences, it wouldn’t it be best if we just learned how to live and cope with our symptoms as suffering is simply a part of life?

A: Hell No!

Suffering absolutely robs us of our potential! It plagues our minds and bodies, keeping us distracted from achieving all that we possibly can! And when it comes to attempting to rid ourselves of our suffering, we assign blame to all the wrong culprits! We blame our friends, family, our current situation, how little money we make, and other factors we believe are responsible for our problems.

Essentially, we blame everyone and everything for our suffering EXCEPT the real culprit.

You see, psychoanalysis has shown that the cause of our suffering – be it our emotional distress, social ineptitude, addictions, or other mental and emotional struggles – can be attributed to the unresolved negative emotions we carry within ourselves. These negative emotions result from our disadvantage in childhood to handle and process feelings like loss, criticism, abandonment, betrayal, and helplessness to name a few.

Yet, perhaps what’s even more troubling is that as we carry these negative emotions with us through life, we find ourselves diving head first with compulsion straight back into our turbulent psyche in an attempt to sort out what plagues us! Talk about a vicious cycle.

And somewhat ironically, these little visits we pay our psyche typically go unnoticed until we are able to connect the dots between toxic symptoms – rage, depression, envy, hatred, addiction, and more – with the underlying issues.

Even those who are able to typically keep their suffering under control will still fall victim to negative symptoms and emotions that hinder not only the quality of their life (i.e. relationships, work performance, self-esteem, etc.) but also make them more vulnerable and prone to experiencing the vicious cycle of self-defeat over and over again.

Bottom line?

No matter how well someone is able to keep their suffering at bay, without truly uncovering the emotional root of the suffering, they will ultimately experience and perpetuate their suffering time and time again.

Why do We Suffer? Chalk it Up to Unreconciled Childhood Traumas, Memories and Misunderstandings

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to uncover the root of why we are unhappy and why we continually struggle with the same issues is because, in order to truly understand the culprit behind our suffering, we must access a part of ourselves that was molded in childhood. That’s right, we have to rewind all the way back to our early days to get the full explanation for the problems we experience in adulthood!

It’s no wonder why most people can never get to the root of their issue! They never realize how far back their issues actually go! So, while they are experiencing failing relationships, struggling with addictions or emotional disorders… they are simply examining the surface level of their troubles and not the underlying cause.

The Problem with Simply Looking at the Surface

As aforementioned, unless we can connect the dots between our desire to dive headfirst into our troubled psyche and our current suffering… little to nothing can be done to actually resolve our issues! This is why it is vital that we stop trying to solely treat our symptoms and instead consider the influence our emotional wounds have on us.

For instance, we may assume we want and deserve love, but for some reason come to expect betrayal and abandonment from our partner. On a surface level, we may attribute such expectations to the mistakes and shortcomings we’ve witnessed in our partner, when in actuality, we’re secretly harboring feelings of betrayal and a fear of abandonment from an emotional wound created long ago in childhood.

Yet, this problem persists whether we stay in this relationship or enter a new one because our fears of being betrayed and abandoned by our partner will stay with us until we consider their true source.

We ask ourselves out of frustration “How much longer must I suffer?”, yet simultaneously allow for the vicious cycle to repeat over and over by failing to dive below the surface! When we carry with us unresolved negativity, we predetermine our susceptibility to both it and all the toxic symptoms, both emotional and behavioral, that come along with it.

The Key to Happiness: A Proven and Easy to Implement Cure

As aforementioned, the suffering we experience plagues us for many, many reasons and when we are unaware of the truth to be gained from examining our self at the core, we allow our suffering to continuously operate on an unconscious level and diminish our ability to be self-actualized. This then in turn erodes our intelligence and makes us all the more vulnerable to experiencing said suffering over and over.

Yet, for a seemingly complex cycle a rather easy and straightforward cure does exist! This cure allows us to connect with ourselves at the deepest level possible and harness positivity to address the emotional wounds within us. This deeply rooted negativity is unplugged from the source, and cast away to unleash a happier, more confident, healthier version of you… a version, that many sufferers never even imagine to be possible!

And the best part? This process works for everyone.

It doesn’t matter how deep of a hole you’re in, how crippling your problems feel, or even how accepting you’ve come to be of your suffering! All it takes, is trust and a little courage to face your suffering head-on as you learn to heal yourself from the inside out.

Don’t let your suffering define you.

Don’t become so accepting of the pain and anguish that you assume you’re meant to journey through life just enduring the suffering!

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