Calories are good and fats are great!

What does the word “diet” mean to you? If it means “cutting calories” or “starving”, you are coming from the wrong place.

In fact, if you’ve been struggling with Weight Loss for years on end, you’ve tried everything, yet you still can’t make any considerable progress, then you’ve got the word “diet” all wrong.

Humans are the only species on Earth that associate the word “diet” with cutting calories or lack of food, and because of this misguided understanding, we suffer all the Disease. The truth is that diet simply means “way of life”. That’s it!

Counting your calories, following radical exercise routines and meal plans, starving yourself to death, surgery or taking diet pills, are NOT the answer to your Weight Loss. Besides, even if any of that was the answer, it’s just a temporary fix. That’s because you’re only fighting off the symptoms of the problem, not the CAUSE. What works best when it comes to fat loss or any other issue in life, is cutting off the problem at its ROOT… it’s deepest foundations.

I know what you are thinking, and I do not mean to poke at your pain or struggles… Right about now, your doubts, suspicions and limiting beliefs are telling you it is not possible because of your past efforts…

Of course, nutrition plays an important role in building and maintaining a healthy body. Our bodies are SCREAMING at us with health issues, aches & pains, obesity, and low energy levels. This is because we are eating, or even overeating, and still we are majorly undernourished.

Your choices and certain food combinations can make it impossible for your bodies to absorb the available nutrients, wreaking havoc on your health. We all know our health should be of the utmost importance to us and yet we allow fear of giving up certain indulgences or conveniences stand in the way of not killing ourselves. Once the emotional relationship and bad habits are altered, naturally our taste buds crave foods that promote vibrant health and vitality. By no means does any of this mean your days of enjoying cake & ice cream or a good burger & fries are over. The difference is that now you will not be eating them as a means to fill a nutritional or emotional void.

Did you know that 90% or more of our body shape & weight is determined by what we put in our mouths? Not because of lack of exercise. Exercise alone will not enhance health where it does not already exist. If you are thinking to yourself is this possible and will it work for me? The answer is YES! The reason you can’t see the entire picture is due to the second part of the weight loss equation which is EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE.

It does not matter if you need to lose 5, 10, 50 or 200 pounds. The only thing that matters is the solution…and the solution is to eliminate why the problem exists in the first place. Let’s face the facts. The only barriers in front of us are the barriers we set for ourselves. Since we hold on so tight to our fears, failures, bad memories, limiting beliefs and our PAST we think they take a lifetime to resolve. This couldn’t be further from the truth…

An opportunity lies on your screen Right Now. A chance to step up, lead with courage and decide to release your physical and emotional baggage. If you want to see and make a difference then you need to try something different. Demonstrate the courage and I will show you your resources!
The only thing you need is to have a willingness to stay committed to your success. Start by trusting the process, step up, get rid of the locked up and hidden emotional baggage that keeps holding you back and welcomes a whole new world of opportunities. Once we do this, you can decide if adding exercise into your everyday routine is right for you. Having extensive experience in health & fitness, I can show how to almost double your results with as little as 3 minutes of high-intensity exercise or a simple walk around the neighborhood a couple times a week.

It’s not about giving it everything you’ve got and wasting your time and effort in the process. It’s about knowing How, When and Where to direct your focus and apply your effort that makes all the difference. And you know what? Getting in shape does not require all that much time. The only part that takes time is deciding to make a choice. This time… Do What Works… Once and for all!

Can you even begin to imagine a way to calculate the costs of these compounding negative health impacts? You must CHANGE it NOW!